miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

REDCINE-X 416 Win 32 y 64 OSX 64

La empresa americana Red ha lanzado una actualización Beta de su ya conocido REDCINE.X con la versión 416.
Indicado para el uso con clips de RED ONE y RED EPIC.
Para los que tengáis una RED ROCKET os adelanto que la tarjeta no funcionará ya que necesita para funcionar el  nuevo Firmware que no han proporcionado por el momento.

Servirá para realizar alguna pruebas, no podremos sacar el máximo rendimiento del software.
Para Osx solo disponen de una versión en 64-bits, para Pc han lanzado la versión 32-bits y otra de 64-bits.

Estos son los Links:

Aquí os dejo los cambios con respecto a REDCINE-X 356:

• Watermark improvements for offscreen cases
• FCP Xml improved to use unique id's for clip items.
• XML improvements with parsing paths to R3D files.
• Import/Export settings dialogs interaction cleanup.
• Support for HDRx™™ exporting.
• Support for HDRx™™ Viewing in the default 2d mode of the viewer.
• Fixes for exporting complete timelines
• XML added URL encoding to imported/exported paths.
• Added OSX Quicklook plugin for R3D files
• Improved batch list descriptions for wrapper/trim timeline exports.
• Added windows R3D thumbnail plugin
• Added Separate eyes mode to 3d export options.
• Windows menu bar has been improved to be easier to access.
• Added a quicktime export option for using our own file I/O calls instead of quicktime calls.
• Fixed libjpeg.dylib issue with Avid SDK.
• Added shutter speed, timestamp, look settings, absolute and edge time-codes, number of file segments, to the metadata window.
• Auto matching of 3d clips.
• TC generation for left and right eyes for burn in fixed.
• TC generation for left and right eyes for AAF/MXF/ALE fixed.
• Removed Set Finder Icon options - replaced by the Quicklook plugin
• Added select all and select non options to the browser context menu.
• Added Clear all in and out points option to the bin context menu.
• Added auto saving of projects.
• Updated project format to use RMDs to improve auto save time.
• Added prompt to save project before closing app.
• Added better error reporting for Save RMD and Reload from RMD operations.
• DPX Endianess header issue fixed where present.
• Slider clicks on color correction controls fixed.
• Fixed auto save RMDs when current look is changed via "Look Manager"
• Added an option to force terminate batch jobs when they are unresponsive.
• Additional fixes for failed batch jobs that used to hang the batch queue.
• Additional checks added for starting batch jobs to Quicktime and Avid.
• Fixed option click to reset sliders for gains.
• Added extraction and setting of sequence names from EDL.
• Snapshot updated to include an RMD file.
• Fixed a problem where the active eye does not update when dropping a 3d clip in the player.
• Allow any drive to be ejected from within the RCX Gui - Note System drives will simply deny the eject request.
• Fixed Hot Keys with fullscreen mode so space bar will now stop/start playback and escape will exit fullscreen again.
• Added a Spotlight plugin for R3D files.

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